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Frankfurt American Rugby Football Club

Blazer Patch

Click here for a history of the Frankfurt American Logo and Jersey

Our motto/song was "Singing In the Rain", a song was taught to us by REME BAOR in an after match party held in the 1880 Sportsclub (we were never asked back to 1880 again and they refused to schedule matches with us) Click here for The Frankfurt American Team Song

Click here for a brief history of how the Frankfurt American team started and here for the long tradition of Competition with the Army Staff College

Click on the season below to see details for that season.

Men's Seasons

1997-1998 1996-1997 1995-1996 1994-1995 1993-1994 1992-1993 1991-1992 1990-1991 1989-1990 1988-1989
1987-1988 1986-1987 1985-1986 1984-1985 1983-1984 1982-1983 1981-1982 1980-1981 1979-1980 1978-1979
1977-1978 1976-1977 1975-1976 1974-1975 1973-1974