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Frankfurt American 1981-1982 Men Portal

The best record to date (52-18-3). Rookie of the year was Chuck Febus and Most consistent player, Don Rutherford. MVP was Sammy Tonga with 99 tries for the year.

Team Record

Fall 1981 Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Baumholder 28-0
<date> 8th Regt RCT (Br) 34-15
<date> 8th Regt RCT (Br) 14-10
5-6 Sep Chesterfield (Br) 10-17 Darmstadt Fifteens
5-6 Sep SC 1880 28-0 Darmstadt Fifteens
5-6 Sep Munich 22-8 Darmstadt Fifteens
5-6 Sep Wiesbaden 12-7 Darmstadt Fifteens Plate Winner
<date> Ansbach Am 16-4 Munich Sevens
<date> Nuernberg Am II 36-0 Munich Sevens
<date> Chicken Milano (It) 18-0 Munich Sevens
<date> Munich (Br) 6-10 Munich Sevens
<date> 35th Engr Regt (Br) 4-4 Munich Sevens
<date> Dusseldorf (Br) 8-16 Munich Sevens
<date> Bamberg Am 18-8 Munich Sevens
<date> Wuerzberg Am 32-3
<date> Eintracht 3-9
<date> 28th Sig Regt (Br) 3-9
<date> Krefeld Garrison (Br) 12-6
<date> REME (BAOR) 22-15
<date> 3rd Arm Div BAOR 14-33
<date> Royal Corps Transport BAOR 15-15
<date> Royal Corps Transport BAOR 18-18
<date> Nuernberg Am 26-21
<date> RAF Wildenrath 17-6
<date> RAF Wildenrath 24-15
Nov Scottish Infantry/Glencorse 32-14 UK Tour
Nov Strathmore 18-17 UK Tour
Nov Abbey 18-10 UK Tour and an unexpected win
Nov Staff College at Camberley 14-13 UK Tour; Dave Burns scored with seconds left and Larry Summers converted for the win
Nov REME UK 12-13 UK Tour
Nov Penicuik <score> UK Tour
Nov Marburg University 64-3
Season Record xx-yy
Spring 1982 Record
Date Opponent Score Notes
<date> Darmstadt (Br) 10-6
<date> The Black Watch (Br) 28-10
<date> Eintract 32-3
<date> 8th Inf Div (US) 27-0
<date> Wuerzburg Am 35-0
<date> Neurnberg Am 44-7
<date> Offenbach 44-12
<date> 5th Armd Workshop (Br) 56-0
<date> 5th Armd Workshop (Br) 22-0
<date> REME UK (selects) 12-19 only XV loss and the best REME team ever seen
<date> 3rd Armd Div BAOR 70-0
<date> Bracht Barbarians (Br) 10-6 Dusseldorf Sevens
<date> JHQ Rheindahlen (Br) 12-0 Dusseldorf Sevens
<date> Dusseldorf Dragons (Br) 0-8 Dusseldorf Sevens
May Staff College at Camberley 29-10
<date> Heusenstamm 64-7
<date> London New Zealanders 21-0 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> Diok Leiden 16-0 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> Leidse Students 10-18 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> NFC (Dutch) 0-10 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> London Irish "Greystones" 6-24 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> Briston Artisans (Br) 6-18 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> Parabiaggo (It) 0-10 Amsterdam Sevens
<date> Ft Hood 4-20 National Military Championships
<date> Washington Marines 12-26 National Military Championships
<date> Munich British 22-0 Illesheim Fifteens Tournament
<date> Bamberg Am 16-6 Illesheim Fifteens Tournament
<date> Illesheim Am 15-6 Illesheim Fifteens Tournament
<date> Nuernberg Am 22-6 Illesheim Fifteens Tournament Championship
<date> Bamberg Am 18-0 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament
<date> Nuernberg Am 24-0 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament
<date> Kaiserslautern Am 18-0 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament
<date> Stuttgart Am 24-0 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament
<date> Darmstadt Br/Am 18-0 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament
<date> Heidelberg Magicians 22-12 Frankfurt Sevens Tournament Championship
<date> Karlsruhe Am 22-0 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament
<date> Baden-Baden (Fr) 18-0 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament
<date> Neuenheim 28-4 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament
<date> TSV Heidelberg 18-4 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament
<date> Ruderklub 28-6 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament
<date> Heidelberg Magicians 0-25 Heidelberg Seven's Tournament Championship
Season Record xx-yy

Last Name First Name Notes
Summers Larry <class>
Tonga Sam <class>
Burns Dave <class>
Brooks Bob <class>
Rutherford Don <class>
Tartari Jim <class>
Corr John <class>
West Danny <class>
Deck Ross <class>
Burton Mike <class>
Cade Brian <class>
Moogenburg Leiff <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>
<lastName> <firstName> <class>


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At Illesheim Championship tournament - Back Row: Alistair Watson, Esau Boulware, Mike Burton, Barry Bruning (Baumholder), Bob Brooks, Tony Faleafanga; Kneeling: Sammy Tonga, Don Rutherford; Sitting: Steve Miller (K-Town), Neil Watson, Jim Tartari, Larry Summers, Edmund Sao, Tony Jones, Dan West

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