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European Military Club Teams

As of Spring 2019 from the Illesheim team historian: "I believe that there are no fully active teams left in Germany and/or Europe. There are nucleus’s all around, and there are some groups that I believe do just an occasional 7’s, etc., but I do not know of any here that participate in any official leagues. Illesheim remains on paper as a member of Rugby Verband Bayern and the Deutsche Rugby Verband. I do not believe that is the case with Grafenwoehr/Vilseck (Rose Tower Titans), the old Ramstein Team (Kaiserslautern West?), or any remnants from Baumholder. I do not know of status of teams in Italy (Signorella and Vicenza had tried?), or the UK. There are players who still play locally (Stuttgart RC, some of the Heidelberg teams?, RC Mainz – for the Wiesbaden lads?, or locally in the UK), but not military teams."

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Men's Rugby Teams

Club Name Nickname Country Year Founded Contact if Active Website
Alconberry England
Amberg Germany 87 Faded in 89 - see Vilsek and Graf
Ansbach Germany 1979 or 1981 American team faded in 1991
Augsburg Germany 1975 or 1983 American team faded in 1995
Babenhausen Germany early 90s after Frankfurt’s demise but faded in 1-2 years
Bad Aibling Germany late 80s Faded in early 90s
Bad Homberg Germany 19?? we think this existed in 1983
Bad Kreuznach Germany 19??
Bad Toelz Germany 1978 American team faded in 1980-ish
Bamberg Olde Boys Germany 1975 or 76 or 1988 American team faded in 1994
Baumholder Highlanders Germany 1980 American team folded in early 2000s
Bayreuth Germany 1979 American team faded in late 1980s
Bentwaters Phantoms England
Berlin Yanks Germany 1981 American team faded in early 1980s ' started again late 80s to early 90s
Bitburg/Spangdahlem Germany 19??
Buedingen Germany early 90s Faded in 3-4 years
Crailsheim Germany 85 Only two years; base closed in 1993
Darmstadt Germany 1994 or 95
Dexheim Germany early 90s Faded in 1-2 years
Friedberg Germany mid 80s
Frankfurt Americans Americans Germany 1974 Folded in 1992-ish
Fulda Germany
Furstenfeldbruck Germany
Giessen Germany mid 80s
Gelnhausen Germany mid 80s
Goeppingen Crusaders Germany 1985
Grafenwoer/Vilseck Rose Tower Titans Germany 1987 See Vilsek for history;,, club email - Facebook [[1]]
Greenham Commons England
Hahn AFB Germany 1985
Hanau Germany mid 80s
Heidelberg Black Sheep (89) Germany 1993
Heilbronn Germany
Hellenikon Spartans Greece
Illesheim Black and Blue Germany 1981 Tony Cervizzi and Dave McNaughton; video [[2]] Folded in 2019 due to few permanent parties Facebook [[3]]
Kaiserslautern Guppies Germany 19?? -2016
Kaiserslautern/Ramstein Germany 19?? -2016 Now Hochspeyer RFC: Women [[4]] Men [[5]]
Karlsruhe Old Christinians Germany 1975 American team faded in early 80s
Kirchgoens The Rock Germany late 80s Faded in 2-3 years
Kriegsfeld Germany
Lakenheath / Mildenhall Eagles England 1978 website [[6]]
London Marines England
Mainz Germany 1979?
Mannheim Germany 1995 Faded in 2-3 years
Mentwith Hill England ?
Mons Belgium 19?? existed in 2006
Munich German
Naples Italy 19?? existed in 2006
Neu Ulm Germany mid 80s Only one or two years
Nuernberg Germany 1977 American team faded in 1995
Ramstein Germany 19?? -2016
Rhein/Main AB Germany mid 80s
Rheinlander Germany See Dexhein and Bad K
Schwabisch Hall Germany 82-83 Only one year
Schweinfurt Ruck of the Marne Germany 1980 existed in 2006
Sembach Germany
SHAPE Belgium
Signorella Hoplites Italy 2013
Spangdahlem Germany 85 Faded in 89
Stuttgart American Germany 82 American team faded in 1984, but lots of US players
TuS 1882 Hochspeyer Rugby Germany 2017 James Lampe at
Upper Heyford England
Vincenza Rangers Italy 2010
Vilseck 7th ATC Germany (94-96?) Then 2009?-2014 Called 7 ATC, then absorbed into Amberg, and then into Rose Tower (Graf)
Wertheim Germany
Wiesbaden Germany early 1981 Faded in late 90s
Wuerzburg 3rd ID Germany 1974 American team folded in early 2000s
Zweibrucken Germany

Women's Rugby Teams

Club Name Nickname Country Year Founded Contact Website
Kaiserslautern/Ramstein Women Rogues Germany 19?? -2016 See Hochspeyer below
TuS 1882 Hochspeyer Women's Rugby Germany 2017 Facebook [[7]]