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The first Army post team is thought to be Ft Jackson [[1]]

For a list of Army All Star team records go here -> [[2]]

Click on the Club Name to go to that club's site (Editors: do not change the name of the Club)

Club Name Nickname State Geographical Union Year Founded Contact Website
464th Chem Bgde Dragons Johnstown PA 1991
Ft Benning Flyers GA 1980 Gary Kent president Facebook [[3]]
Ft Bliss TX 1992, Facebook [[4]]
Ft Bragg All American NC 1972 Team email Website - [[5]] Facebook [[6]]
Ft Campbell Eagles, now the Hopkinsville Headhunters KY 1970s Facebook [[7]]
Ft Carson Iron Horse CO 1980
Ft Dix Panthers NJ 1984
Ft Drum Mountaineers then Barracks Rangers NY 1987 Jeff Sherman, Robert Connell at, Keynan Outlaw, Facebook [[8]]
Ft Hood Phantom Warriors TX 1980 Wayne Broom at or or

Faleniko Spino|| Website [[9]] Facebook [[10]]

Ft Huachuca Desert Legion CA 1980
Ft Irwin CA 1987
Ft Knox Warriors KY 1983
Ft Leavenworth KS 1982
Ft Leonard Wood MO 1987 Facebook [[11]]
Ft Lewis WA 1987 Nic Punimatta at Facebook [[12]]
Ft Polk Red Devils LA 1988,
Ft Riley Troopers KS 1982 Facebook [[13]]
Ft Sill Gunners OK 1975 Team folded in summer 2017 Facebook [14]
Ft Stewart Barbarians GA 1985 Facebook [[15]]
Ft Wainwright AK 1988
Ft Deavons MA 1988
Ft Gordon GA 1988
Ft Lee VA 1988
Ft McNair MD 1988
Monterey CA 1984
Ft Rucker AL 1993
Ft Jackson AL 1966
Ft Ord See Monterey CA 1966
84th Division Milwaukee WI