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Ft Jackson-Palmetto is thought to be the first Army post rugby team.

Started in 1966, the team played its first game 12 February, 1967 again the Atlanta RFC at Patton Field Ft Jackson SC. The team was started by Lt Terry Daniels and Lt John D Root and the first kickoff was done by BG E. B. Roberts, Deputy Post Commander. Ft Jackson lost that game (5-10) but went on to split their next two matches against Huntsville / Redstone club, who also started in the fall of 66, 17-10 and 5-6. (Huntsville's team captain was an Army Lt, Charles Welles, a Nike Project Officer, who started the team, but it was mostly a 'civilian' club and included 9 British engineers). Other scores from that year were

Some of the documentation for this team can be found at Ft Jackson Beginnings

Click here for a program from the Southern Invitational, held 18-19 March 1967 on base at Patton Stadium.