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No information about All Star teams is available.

We do know that a team representing Panama participated in the National Military Club Championships in 1981, 1984 (Open Division), 1987 and perhaps in 1989.

Prior to 1987 they had gone on tour to the Jamaica 7s once or twice (arranged by a DoD civilian, name unknown). Steve McNair was on that team representing Ft Kobbe

(D. Gill) In the spring of 1989, I took 8 active duty military players from Ft Clayton, Ft Kobbe, and Howard/Albrook on Permissive TDY on a commercial flight (since our military flight fell through) to the Jamaica 7s (Caribbean 7s?). There was another US Military team there. They called themselves something like "The Combined Forces Caribbean 7s Rep Side" and they did very well, taking 2nd overall in the tournament as I remember. I think we only won only one match during the entire tournament, but the Jamaican military treated us very well, providing all of our transportation needs including helicopter rides, for the entire time we were in Jamaica.

We were scheduled to participate in the Jamaica 7s again in the Spring of 1990 after Operation Just Cause, even though rugby practice and matches had been suspended for months. I got a team together again but at the last minute, my tour was curtailed (all combatants were ordered out of the country) and sent PCS to Hurlburt Field and we never went.

In the 1994 Military National Club Championships, a collective team from Panama lost in the first round, then in the consolation bracket, beat Parris Island (31-0) but lost to Scott AFB 7-10 but played through to the final as Scott had an illegal player. Lost the consolation final 46-3 to a strong Cherry Point team. This was the only tournament this team was together for in the 1994 season.

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