1985 Western Regional Tournament

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1985 Western Regional Tournament Portal

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Regional Tournament was held at Ft Sill

Team Record

Date Opponent Opponent Score
Spring Ft Hood Ft Sill II 35-3
Spring Ft Riley Scores not available
Spring Ft Hood Ft Sill 13-0
Spring Ft Hood Ft Sill 7-0 Final

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Last Name First Name Notes
Crafton J Ft Sill
Chepenik P Ft Hood
Nelson S Ft Hood (USMC)
Carter S Ft Hood
Blyel S Ft Sill
Bice B Ft Sill
Stockhausen R Ft Hood
Jenne B Ft Hood
Leota J Ft Hood
Washuta J Ft Hood
Winn K Ft Sill
Beqette J Ft Sill
Davis A Ft Hood
Foster G Ft Hood
Crow B Ft Sill
McNair S Ft Sill
Bratcher S Ft Riley
Rivers B Ft Sill
Pitts J Ft Sill
Perry J Ft Hood


1985 Western Regional Tournament/Leadership


1985 Western Regional Tournament/Media